Tuesday, February 22, 2011

will you be my valentine?

This year Valentine's Day snuck up on me. Usually I spend weeks...even months planning what I will do for Ryan. But this year I had to scrounge something up at the last minute. I knew I wanted to make him a chocolate cake, but that was about it. And I didn't even have a chance to pre-make a card for him before the day of! So Valentine's Day I woke up early, wrote a bunch of little notes to Ryan and taped them up all over the house...and made him a homemade valentine. Then I left for work and received a lovely surprise! Ryan bought me flowers and had them delivered to me at work with a wonderful little note! They were beautiful :) He is not much of a fan of spending money on flowers (since they die after all)...and I don't blame him. But what girl will deny flowers? Not this one! I was pleasantly surprised! After work I picked up Chinese food from a super sketchy hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant....and I'm pretty sure I was the only customer the man had all day (other than the two sketchy dudes who walked in to order while I was there). But nonetheless, Chinese food is always good. After dinner, Ryan had class...so while he was gone I prepared the rest of his Valentine. I quickly whipped up a homemade chocolate cake with ganache (the ganache was a royal FAIL because it didn't thicken and was more of a glaze...but I still poured it over the cake and it was still yummy). Then I lit candles all over the house and got out the bottle of champagne that I had also secretly bought as well. So Ryan arrived home to his two true loves: dessert and me. :) It was a great evening....full of love....and chocolate cake. What better way to spend a 1st Valentine's Day as a married couple?

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