{my ingredients}

In the summer, I try to grow and use veggies from my garden as much as possible.  I wish I could eat from it year round!  My husband built me a wonderful raised bed, but I'm definitely new to gardening and have already learned some hard lessons and lost precious plants.  Hopefully it gets better year after year - but mostly we just water it, sit back, and pray things grow!

Though not everything that I cook and eat is "healthy" per se, I try to cook with lots of whole foods, fruits, veggies, and pure, natural ingredients. If I could, I would use fresh, organic, & seasonal ingredients at all times.  However, the cost of those things are usually out of my price range and "seasonal" ingredients are limited when you live in Wisconsin and it is freezing & snowy about 9 months out of the year. :)

{my camera}

All photos (except for posts before may 2012) are taken with my EOS Canon 60D DSLR camera.  I have a Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II lens and received a Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM in January 2013 that I keep in my lovely Kelly Moore bag.  I have no formal photography training (which you can probably tell from my amateur photography).  I have learned what I know from the wisdom and advice of photography experts such as my sister and through my own trial and error.  I welcome advice and would be happy to share ideas and collaborate with other food & photography bloggers. 

{my kitchenaid} 

I'm grateful for my KitchenAid and have used it for so many things from homemade bread, pizza dough, cookies, etc.  It is a staple in the kitchen and makes my life so much easier!

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