Wednesday, March 09, 2011

For the little chef...

Whew! I've been posting a lot of food lately. I'll take a break to showcase a few crafty things. My niece Kaydence celebrated her 2 year birthday this past weekend! I can't believe she is already 2. Time flies. She calls me "Jo-Jo" and Ryan "Ry-Ry"'s adorable and makes my heart melt every time I hear it. As you may or may not have noticed, I previously made her an apron for Christmas, because for Christmas she received a play kitchen set. Well, for her birthday she got a table and chairs (in her size) from my sister and her husband. So, to go along with the theme, I made her "learn to set the table" placemats with outlines of a fork, knife, spoon, and plate. I also made a chefs hat, oven mitt and hot pad. Hopefully she grows into a true little chef someday! Happy Birthday Kaydence! I love you!

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