Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Sales

I hit the mother jackpot of neighborhood garage sales.  Entire subdivisions participated - some with 50+ houses having sales.  The houses stretched for miles and the garage sales weaved between street blocks.  I was like Mrs. Pacman - walking between all the houses and stopping at the sales to get my fill of good deals!  I even overheard one man say that this was the 50th year that they participated in the annual neighborhood sale.  I'm going to have to mark my calendar for next year!  :)

Here are some of my fun finds today:

I am absolutely in LOVE with these!  They are original vintage hand printed silkscreen fabric prints by Robert Darr Wert (1915-1966).  They are over 60 years old!  I was absolutely THRILLED to find these, especially since they have all the delicious herbs I love printed on them - and secondly because they are truly vintage - and thirdly because I only paid $1 for each!  Can you believe it?  I looked them up and similar fabric prints by Robert Darr Wert sell for $30-40 each on Etsy - what a steal! :)  

 Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers 

 I'm a bit of a collector...

 ...and I just couldn't pass these up!

 ...especially for only $1 for the set!

Vintage Children's Books

Vintage necklace & earrings

Needless to say, I was pretty happy with my finds - and here's the grand total for everything you see: a whopping....
$5.25 total spent! 


Joni said...

You're a great little shopper! Good job, Josie!

Paul said...

OK, so I am actually leaving a comment on your blog for once.... what fun finds!! I too hit up my first neighborhood sale of the season this weekend. It was fun but nothing compares to Fox Cities Sales!!

Nicki Behnke said...

The last comment was Nicki, not Paul.... must be married or something.

Leah said...

i'm so jealous of all your finds!!! wish i could have gone! those wall hangings are beautiful! oh and btw, the people emailed me that the crib is still you think i should offer something???