Sunday, May 01, 2011

Ollie Owl Apron - for Alexander

My sister Leah's friend Cassandra asked me to make her son, Alexander, an apron after seeing the one I made for my niece Kaydence (see it here).  I was beyond flattered and thrilled to have the opportunity to make another apron!  Cassandra actually picked out the fabric and shipped it me, and then gave me the freedom to get creative.  Since it is for a boy, I knew I couldn't add any frills or flowers because I didn't want it to be girly - so instead I added a "faux tie" to the front to make it look a little more "manly."  :)  There are also two pockets in the front with buttons and leaves attached.  I hope you like it Cassandra (and Alexander)! :)  You can also find the listing on my etsy account.

Happy Cooking!


Cassandra said...

Oh my's adorable! It turned out so much more than I was imagining. I can't wait for Alexander to wear it for our next cooking adventure! Thanks so much Josie, you are so talented (and a sweetheart to boot!)

Joni said...

Josie, I love it - you are so creative! Beautiful!!