Sunday, November 13, 2011

sew knot your average weekend...recap

"Sew knot your average weekend" is over...but the memories and fruits of our labor will last for a long time!  My mom, sister, mother-in-law and sister-in-law all spent the weekend at my mother-in-law, Lisa's house.  We had a great time crafting, creating, eating, shopping, relaxing, and spending time together!  We all brought different projects to work on and it was so cool to see everyone use their creativity to make some amazing things!  I didn't get as many finished products as I hoped...but the weekend inspired me to set aside more time for crafting, especially with the holidays coming up.  Here is a sneak peek of our weekend and some of the finished products!  

Nicki's ruffle Christmas tree skirt - it turned out great!  Cute idea!

Leah working hard on editing photos for her 365 project

My mom working on her drawing - she is amazing!

 Lisa sewing away!

Nicki's homemade candy ornaments - sticky but cute!

And below...a few of the things I made!

hair bows

mini magnets for the fridge 

rose earrings - coral, green, yellow, & peachy pink.  

Check back for more later :)  I might try to post some of the jewelry items on etsy, but most of them will probably be gifts.  (I apologize for showing your gift to you before Christmas...those of you who are getting these!)  

Overall, I had a great weekend with family and it was a great excuse to get crafty! 


Gina Rae said...

LOVE this! Looks like a really fun weekend! Everything looks fabulous... That tree skirt is such a cute idea!

Leah said...

such a fun weekend! thanks for planning it, jo! <3