Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cupcake Workshop

Well, the cupcake workshop is over! It was a success and everyone had a great time decorating cupcakes. We had a good turnout of "students" taking the workshop and they were all eager to learn and participate.  I was so glad that I was able to have the help of my friend Laura to put on the workshop - I couldn't have done it without her! :)  

We definitely had a fun time learning how to decorate in preparation for the workshop, and I think people enjoyed their time...if nothing else, they liked eating the finished product. :) There were some experts in the audience who had attended culinary arts school as well as some who were new to the world of baking.  We received good feedback - including some local entrepreneurs who encouraged us to start our own details on that in the future....*wink*wink.  

You can read more details about the "Community Education Day" that the workshop was a part of here

 Laura in all her cupcake teaching glory...
 Our great students...

 Laura showing how to master the hydrangea effect...

 Laura also snapped a couple photos of me with her camera (see below)...

 (photo above by Laura)
(photo above by Laura)

 Successfully decorated! 

Thank you to everyone who participated!  

The cupcake baking machines! 
(Laura & Josie) 

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