Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cherry Recipe Contest - Chocolate Amaretto Cupcakes with a cherry on top!

Remember these lovely bundles of joy?  You are probably thinking "I'm having déjà vu...didn't she already post these cupcakes?"  

The answer is yes...yes I did.  

The reason I'm posting about them again is because I have exciting news...

I won 2nd place in the OXO Cherry Recipe Contest with these cupcakes!  

I recommend checking out my original post with the recipe so you can make them yourself.  You can also check out the wonderful things that OXO had to say about my recipe, as well as the other winners!  I was very flattered.  Be sure to look at OXO's Pinterest page with some of the other entries as well - everything looked so delicious!  

I am so amazed that I was one of the lucky winners.  I'm truly honored!  I feel very blessed to have received this recognition. :)  Thank you OXO

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