Sunday, December 16, 2012

Panera Soup {Creamy Tomato}

What better way to warm up this winter than with a bowl of steaming soup? 

 If you have not tried Panera's wide array of soups and new soup site, you need soon as possible.  Panera's soup website makes it easy for you to see the soup of the day and also helps you learn how you can make a difference by supporting Panera's partnership with Feeding America

As a part of the DailyBuzz Food Tastemaker program, I received a stipend and gift card for Panera. Thoughts and opinions are my own.  I chose to take this opportunity to try the Creamy Tomato soup at Panera (pictured above).  I never used to like tomato soup but it has grown on me in recent years.  However, I'm somewhat picky.  I like my tomato soup to be creamy and chunky, but not too creamy and not too chunky...I don't like it as thin as water but I also don't like it to be as thick as tomato pasta sauce.  The Creamy Tomato soup at Panera is the perfect combination of a creamy, savory soup base with small tender chunks of tomatoes, topped off with perfectly toasted fresh bread croutons.  I also love that the soup at Panera comes with your choice of wheat or french roll.  I chose wheat for this meal and would highly recommend it!  
I have always loved Panera's full menu of sandwiches, soups, bagels, and other bakery items made fresh right in their cafe's.  The environment at Panera is comforting and relaxing.  Panera is a great place to catch up with a friend for lunch, study for midterm college exam, or host a small family gathering.  The variety with their menu items makes it appealing to the whole family.  Panera is unique because it has a “Good Goes In” philosophy of making soup the right way, with fresh, seasonal ingredients.  

Overall, this was a great experience trying Panera's soup and I will definitely be back for more soon!  Go try some today. :) 

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