Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Christmas Gifts {DIY}

The hustle & bustle of the holidays is winding down and the bone chilling temperatures of a Wisconsin winter are unfortunately very much upon us.  I have a hard time letting go of Christmas because I really have nothing that exciting to look forward to until May, or whenever warm weather hits.  I still have my Christmas tree up - partially due to my denial that Christmas is over, partially due to my laziness, and partially due to the fact that I truly do love the glow it brings to the room. 

Now that all the gifts have been given, I can share with you a couple of the homemade gifts I gave some people this year. 

With it being so cold out, I thought it was fitting to make some hand warmers filled with rice and a little bit of mint from my garden.  Using pinking shears to cut the edges made this a fairly quick and easy project. 

I saw an idea for a jar of Twizzlers made to look like Santa with a black ribbon for a belt and gold buckle - but Ryan gave me the idea to add an extra touch by giving the "Santa" a felt beard & mustache, and then I also made him a "Mrs. Clause" by placing a doily under the cap.  They almost looked too cute to eat. :) 

I admire those of you who take on big craft projects for Christmas gifts and would love to see some of your creations!  We are so grateful for all the generous gifts and love we received from friends & family this holiday season.  I hope you all had a happy holiday and may you have a  joy-filled new year! 

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Leah said...

love these jo! <3