Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Cleaning {with OXO}

I've always loved getting mail.  Who doesn't, right?  Well, good mail that is.  And boy oh boy, did I get some good mail the other day. 

OXO delivered again with an awesome opportunity to review some of their cleaning products as part of their  #OXOSpringCleaning campaign.  It's time to sweep up those dust bunnies and air out the house for spring!  

Check out this pile of packages on my doorstep!  It was like Christmas! :) 

Inside these lovely packages from OXO: 

While I may be a fan of good mail, I'm definitely not a fan of cleaning - but OXO helps make it easier.  Case in point - the Any Angle Broom.  It makes sweeping those hard to reach, awkward angle locations a breeze.  

The space between the counter & the fridge
The handle can swivel and lock into place for any angle (pay no attention to my hubby's PJ pants...this is how we do Saturdays. :) He really deserves a lot of credit for helping with cleaning around the house!) 

Up next...I will reveal to you a drawer in my house I would never want a guest to open...

My "throw everything in there and never keep it organized bathroom drawer" 

  Ta-da!  Organized with OXO's handy-dandy Expandable Drawer Organizers

 I no longer dread dusting now that I have this Microfiber Delicate Duster!  Microfiber picks up dust and makes it cling to it - and the removable head is machine washable.  Easy peasy.

My favorite feature of the Large Sweep Set with Expandable Broom is the dustpan - you can "comb" the dust bunnies out of your broom instead of trying to do it with your fingers.  Because no one likes to do that.  EW.  

It's not pictured, but the compact dustpan is perfect for a messy girl like me - I seriously spill or drop pieces of food, etc. all the time.  It's nice to have a tiny handheld broom & dustpan nearby in my kitchen when I'm chopping carrots and pieces are inevitably flying to the floor.

Thank you OXO for sending me all these goodies to help make my life easier and home cleaner! :)


MomBlogger94 said...

The duster looks marvelous!

josie mae said...

It really is MomBlogger94! :)

Clay Delgado said...

That dustpan has some pretty sweet features, perfect for hard-bristled brooms that tend to have trash or cobwebs stuck on them. And that any angle broom is great for hard-to-reach areas. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us. All the best!

Clay Delgado @ World Packaging Inc.