Saturday, May 05, 2012

cupcake workshop preparation

My friend Laura and I are going to be presenting a cupcake workshop in a couple weeks.  The workshop will focus on cupcake decorating techniques, frosting tips and tricks, and of course...sampling the finished product!

To prepare for the workshop we had to do some practicing.  I do not even feel qualified to teach anyone else decorating techniques - so this should be an interesting workshop!  The workshop will be part of a series of free workshops that are being hosted at my workplace on "Community Education Day."  There will be classes in a variety of topics ranging from watercolor painting, modeling clay, Pinterest tips & tricks, and leadership skills.  I thought it would be a fun idea to have the cupcake decorating workshop as an excuse to practice the techniques and try to get better at them myself...while helping other people learn the skills as well!  And who doesn't love cupcakes?  Even if they don't turn out perfectly...hopefully they still taste good!  

Here is the documentation of our first successful practice session.  We were quite evident by her messy kitchen at the end of the night! :)  



More details about the workshop and photos to come! 

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